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Received More Valuable Info Than Expected

Astoria Wright has a wealth of knowledge, and she willingly shared mistakes she’s made in the publishing process. Anyone planning to publish their first book will receive a return well beyond the price of the course. I look forward to taking another course from Astoria in a couple of weeks!

Super powered speech

Brian was great and gave some wonderful pearls! It was an hour well spent! Highly recommend it

Excellent instructors!

Highly recommend taking this course to improve test taking strategies.

Brilliant parallel

I read the book in high school, time and a stroke help me forget the details.

Writing College Admissions Essays With Confidence ~ with Tricia Petersen
Riffat Adnan
Excellent guidance!

My son thoroughly enjoyed this session. I will look forward to more sessions about essay writing.

Literature and Pen - First Experience - Excellent!

It was my first time signing up for a course with Literature and Pen and I could not have had a better experience! The platform was super easy to use and join with Admin help available at the beginning of the meeting to assist with any issues. Because of the smaller class designation, I was able to receive a lot of hands-on guidance from Meagan personally tailored to my experience and interests. The content she provided included really wonderful tips on how to navigate both personal and professional networking conversations. Most importantly, she was super conversational and managed the flow of our discussion extremely well. I was able to leverage the feedback and course content that was provided to help better frame my LinkedIn profile, as well as practice for more formal conversations. I loved the Literature and Pen platform and definitely look forward to engaging in more classes!

Life changing

I never thought that writing a memoir is an option for me , but from this class I learned , not just how to write one but also that it can be interesting too .

eloquent and insightful

I love the novel Jane Eyre--have read it numerous times, have written academic papers concerning it, and have taught it to my senior English classes.

And I learned still more about Jane Eyre in Astoria Wright's workshop. Most notably, personally, Ms. Wright drew out the theme of resilience that is shot through the novel and helped me to see that at least part of my enjoyment of the work is that is fosters the nascent resilience within myself.

Ms. Wright is an articulate instructor and draws on sound sources in order to communicate material in a manner that is, at once, both academic in tone and heart-felt in delivery.

This was my first Literature and Pen course, and it will not be the last!


Thank you very much for this lecture


The talk was very interesting and detailed. I could understand the pieces discussed in depth and from other perspectives which I hadn't explored before. I also likes the passion with which Dr Cauchi gave the talk because it was transmitted to the audience and kept my attention on the talk. I think this talk was really good and I hope there is another one soon.

Deep dive into an often misremembered classic

The lecture (about 1 hour long) and discussion (about 30 minutes long) were both fantastic. As someone whose exposure to The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde comes entirely through cultural osmosis, the lecture nonetheless provided enough cultural background and engagement with the text to begin forming my own opinions and filling in gaps I hadn’t realized were there. I imagine for the reader already familiar with the original text, it provides even more insight. The discussion with the instructor afterwards gives you the chance to interrogate both the text and the ideas of the lecture further. It was a very enjoyable evening.


The knowledge that Dr. Cauchi has is amazing. I gained so much information in 70 minutes more than any course I’ve ever taken before. I’d be more than willing to take another one with her.

Fun Learning

The Imaginative short stories 3 sessions for ages 9-12 with Lenita Graves workshop was amazing. It was something to look forward to and not moan over. It was very interactive and was planned nicely. It teaches so many things from a short story, to publishing a book. This was an amazing workshop.

Effective reading and comprehension

The classes were very helpful with comprehension! Great start!