10 New Year’s Resolutions for Readers and Writers in 2022

It’s the beginning of a new year, and there is no better way to start it off than by setting the intention for the year with things you aim to manifest. Whether it’s your career, passion, or hobby, make this the year you reach your reading and writing goals. If you are still unsure what your objectives are for this year, we’ve put together a list of 10 attainable resolution ideas for readers and writers. Get your notepad ready to add these literary goals to your checklist for an accomplished lit-and-pen filled year!    


For Readers

 Read More Books

     read books

    Whether you are an avid book reader or someone who wants to get back into the habit of reading, set a goal for yourself to read more books than you read last year. For you, that could mean either reading one book in its entirety, reading 12 books all year, or even more. Be realistic with how many books you set out to read; to make it less overwhelming, take it just one book at a time! Make a list of all the books you would like to read and see how many you can get through by the end of the year. Any progress you make is a step forward in reaching your book-reading goals.


    Explore New Book Genres/Topics

       explore genres

      If you’re someone who tends to stick to a certain topic, genre, or even author, branch out and explore new books this year. You may be surprised and find yourself really enjoying subjects that seemed out of your comfort zone or interest before. This can really open up the world of reading for you and make the experience even more exciting!


      Set Aside Time to Read Every Day

        time to read 

        Make reading a part of your morning or nighttime routine. Even if it is just a few pages a day, or an hour a day, prioritize reading, especially if it is something you love to do, but can never seem to find time for. This may mean waking up a little earlier than usual, or cutting out phone/TV time before bed. It may be challenging in the beginning, but once you get in the habit of setting aside designated reading time, it’ll get easier and become something you really look forward to each and every day.


        Join a Book Club

           book club

          There’s nothing like joining a book club to motivate you to read more! You will not only hold yourself more accountable, but it will be fun to discuss what you’re reading with others. It will open your eyes to different interpretations and perspectives that will help you gain new insight and grow as a reader. Plus, it is also a great opportunity to make new friends that could become more than just your reading buddies!


          Create the Reading Space of Your Dreams

             reading space

            Whether it’s creating that cozy reading nook you’ve always wanted or a library to house your growing book collection, take the initiative to make it happen this year. Buy that bookshelf you’ve been eyeing, or finally DIY that built-in bench idea you saw on Pinterest. Whatever it is, don’t slack on making your reading dreams a reality this year, even if it just means taking small steps on your days off to bring your vision to life. No matter how long it takes, it’ll be more than worth it in the end. It could be just what you need to make your reading goals more possible.



            For Writers


            Write Daily

              write daily 

              One of the best ways to become a better writer is to write, and write often. Writing every day will help keep your ideas flowing and may also make you less likely to fall victim to writer’s block. Whether you answer specific prompts or are simply writing about your day, put pen to paper at least once a day and see where it takes you. With writing, it’s important to trust the process. You never know when an idea will hit you or when the momentum will build up, but eventually you’ll get there, one piece of writing at a time. 


              Start Journaling


                Journaling is another great habit to get into this year. Rather than keep all of your thoughts and emotions bottled up, it’s healthy to perform a “brain dump,” and pour your heart out into the pages of your journal. This, too, could also really help you as a writer, because not only are you physically writing, but you are also generating potential inspiration while freeing up your mind at the same time. Any way you look at it, the benefits of journaling are abundant.


                Write That Book

                   write book

                  Finally get started on that book you’ve been dreaming of publishing! Stop waiting for the perfect time, or to have it all planned out from start to finish. There will never be a “right” time, and once you get started on the process, everything else will follow. Start writing and then take any other necessary steps to turn this dream into a reality this year!


                  Launch Your Blog

                     launch blog

                    If you have been thinking about launching a blog, there is no better time than today to finally do it! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the idea, but the process of starting a blog is actually easier than most people think. You can learn more about how to start a blog here. The challenging part of blogging is creating the actual content for your blog and staying consistent. Don’t get caught up with figuring out how to optimize your blog with keywords or monetize your posts from the beginning. Whether you are doing it for fun, or want to make blogging a career, just start writing about things you are genuinely passionate about and get yourself in the habit of posting regularly. You can figure the rest out as you grow. Your blog will always be a work in progress, no matter how successful it becomes, so growing it a step at a time is better than never taking the initial step at all.


                    Take a Course or Online Workshop to Enhance Your Writing Skills

                       online class

                      Whether you are interested in publishing a book, starting a blog, have an assignment for school, or simply would like to enhance your writing skills for your own personal growth, consider taking an online workshop or course. It can be really helpful to learn from someone experienced, who can offer practical and applicable techniques, skills, and the tools you need to grow as a writer, publisher, or blogger.


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