I am a teacher -- literature, writing, and language are my passion, and this site is a vision of that passion.  

I have an M.Ed. in Language Education from Rutgers University, and I love what I do. My background is in ESL, which I find extremely rewarding, as well as teaching literature and writing.

The vision of this project began a couple of years ago when I found myself being approached year after year by referrals and students I've taught in the past for tutoring in ESL, Business Writing, Creative Writing, Essay Writing, Comprehension, and the list goes on. So began my small group classes from home; I had just started gaining momentum when the pandemic hit. 

As most educators turned into Zoom/Google/tech experts "overnight", my vision also took an unexpected turn. I realized online teaching would give me the opportunity to not only reach students I otherwise wouldn't have, but I could bring other equally passionate teachers like myself onboard.

Each and every class at Literature and Pen is led by an outstanding teacher/instructor ready to guide you as you explore the creative world of  reading and writing. You will not only gain invaluable skills and insight, but the joy of tapping into your inner creative self will ignite the same excitement in you that we have. New classes will be added frequently, so check back often; and feel free to tell the instructors what classes you'd like to see next.

Now what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Literature and Pen!

-Nausheen Ahmed, M.Ed, Founder