The Macabre and the Mundane: Exploring the Role of Setting in Mysteries ~ with Dr. Mary Cantino

The Macabre and the Mundane: Exploring the Role of Setting in Mysteries ~ with Dr. Mary Cantino

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Age Group: Suitable for ages 16+

Number of Sessions: 1

Date & Time of Session:  Monday, November 8, 2021 at 3 PM EDT

Duration: 90 minutes 


Character, setting, plot, and theme -- these elements are key to writing fiction. However, setting is often overlooked or viewed as less important.

In this workshop, Dr. Cantino will guide you in exploring the role of setting within the mystery genre. Through the writings of the greatest mystery authors: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allen Poe, and Agatha Christie, you will discover how these authors use setting to introduce or describe characters, plot twists, themes and conflict within a few of their iconic stories.

This interactive workshop is for everyone interested in the mystery genre. From novice writers interested in developing their writing skills, intermediate and advanced writers wanting to strengthen their description and setting writing skills, to those who simply enjoy discussing and learning more about mystery stories--this workshop is for you!

Dr. Mary Cantino is a published academic writer with over 10 years of interpreting experience and over 5 years teaching experience. She is an Apple Award recipient who enjoys staying at home surrounded by a pile of books and her two dogs, Julio and Andres. Dr. Cantino holds a PhD in Literacy along with a Masters in English Linguistics. 

Though a homebody, Mary loves to travel the world. She has spent time working in South Korea, conducting language research in Malawi, and going to school in London.

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